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ThermoUtah, located at Advanced Health Clinic, utilizes the AlfaSight 9000TM.  The AlfaSight 9000TM was founded on 30 years of research by European doctors specializing in  Integrative Medicine.

“This technology is the most comprehensive evaluation of the functioning of the internal organs of the human body.”

Dr. Michael Einsohn, D.C. Dallas Thermography Clinic

The AlfaSight 9000TMis the most advanced system of its kind. This patented infrared scanning technology incorporates the established science of Regulation Thermography, a discipline that links specific temperature patterns emanating from internal organs, with a sophisticated expert knowledge database driven by mathematical algorithms. The database was developed over the span of 12 years by Dr. Beilin, along with 80 contributing doctors. The hardware/software system delivers an accurate multi-page, whole-body assessment within minutes. The AlfaSight 9000TM is a Class I prescription medical device.

Alfa Thermodiagnostics is dedicated to improving healthcare and saving lives while reducing costs and increasing whole-body awareness for both physicians and patients.

Alpha Thermodiagnostics